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For our next generation of Super Heroes

Welcome to the world of Bornfree

Okay, this is going to take a while. Find a place nearby and take a comfortable seat.

It all started 20 years ago, when we were looking for baby care products for our little one, Anaya. We came across a pretty looking feeder and just as any other parent,  our only qualifying criteria before purchasing was - it should do the job well, i.e. feeding. 

But boy, were we in for a surprise?

We opened the pretty packaging, held the feeder in our hands and instantly felt the uneven finishes around the handles. To add to it, it seemed as if the feeder was made using low quality, rough plastic. 

There’s a famous quote that goes “Customers, first purchase a product using their eyes and then using their wallet.”

Well, this quote does hold, especially in 2022, when we have gazillion alternatives for every product we seek. We usually go for options that look appealing to our eyes.  But as a consumer and especially as a parent, we must always remember: Fancy packaging doesn’t speak for its quality. There’s always something more than what meets the eye.

Back to our story, so just as our criteria for selection, the brand too had the same motto - It should do the job of feeding well. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Red flags, right? “Happens”, we thought. 

However, nothing prepared us for what was to come. Just a glass of warm milk was all it took for the bottle to shapeshift. With a closer look into the raw materials used, we realized most of these bottles contained PVC that has dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your child's health.

The thought that this melted plastic was being consumed by our tiny tots was enough to bring us back to reality. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands, and Bornfree was born.

Bornfree doesn’t shapeshift, nor does it cause any discomfort to the holder. It does the job but keeps all these “little” things in mind to give the product a meticulous design that is not just for the looks, but for its functionality as well. 

Why do we pay attention to these "little" things, you ask? 

You see, babies are quite receptive. Everything around them influences them. Be it the toys that they play with, the products they use or the people they surround themselves with - babies pick up on the slightest of things. We are no judges of how you should raise your baby - you know what’s best for them. We are here to just make sure you have everything you need without compromising on either - quality or comfort. 

And when it comes to your baby, no detail is too little :)

Among other things, we are also..

Tears Free

Our years of experience in the field has helped us understand in detail the needs of our little ones. So we come with a promise of a milder, gentler and certified set of products.

Stress Free

We understand the challenges of parenthood and aim to deliver only the best of products so you have one less thing to worry about.

Care Free

We set out with a goal of sharing experiences rather than building a brand, so our metrics for growth are the number of happy and carefree giggles we receive from the little ones.

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