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It’s the biggest “little” project of your life: finding a way to fit all those cute and tiny outfits, shoes, and accessories for your baby—not to mention diapers and more—into some kind of closet. Even if every other corner of your home is in complete chaos (#truthinparenting), it will be so much easier on parents and caregivers if Baby’s closet is stocked, set, and ready to roll. 

During those bleary-eyed, middle-of-the-night changes and feeds, and on the busy mornings trying to race out of the house mid-tantrum, you'll be so glad you poured into this project and made the nursery closet real-life ready. Here are some basic rules for nursery closet organization, and cute, creative ways to set up your little one’s things.

Make a Plan for Your Nursery Closet An organized nursery closet

Photo: @n.hudaishak

Make decisions, piles, and plans before you start arranging the nursery closet. First, clear out anything currently living in there that does not belong to Baby, or at least tuck it away in a corner or on a high shelf to make room.

Next, spread out all of Baby’s closet needs on the floor and make piles: Diaper storage, towels & blankets, clothes, shoes, toys & gear, etc. Once you have a visual sense of how much of each category you have, you can better strategize what’s going where. 

Choose what folding style and organizing hacks you will use to arrange the clothing and smaller wardrobe items in Baby’s closet drawers and bins. (These tips on folding baby clothes gives lots of ideas). Then, stock up on all your organizing needs for the nursery.

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