Sitting in the pavement by the traffic light
Sat she counting her pennies
Piercing gaze, firm lips, partly covered
Dreaded locks full of grime fell upon her face
She looked up from time to time
To see if the light turned red again
Soon she was up on her bare feet
With the sun spewing down its wrath
She went from window to window
Peeped in helplessly
She saw a little girl .. big younger than her
Sitting on the back seat
Holding a stick in hand that topped some ice cream
Her tongue brushed across her lips and asked for some too
Her voices were unheard since the windows were up.. and the barriers too
The look she got before they looked away wasn’t foreign at all
She was born on the streets and something like this
She’d seen till three feet tall
Like a perfect marketing professional, not wasting her time
She went to another car
Once again she turned to look when the lights turned green
At the girl whose ice cream was about to finish
I looked at them both one by one
Over and over again
Soon I heard a honk and realized my light was green
I had to put my bike in the gear but my heart was still there
I kept wondering about that little girl
Thousands of kids begging on the streets
Are roses like yours and mine